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About Elephant Shoe

"A great passion for styling, and an even greater passion for helping people with the thing I love to do."

My name is Marjolein, the face behind Elephant Shoe. Read more about my journey and the creation of Elephant Shoe!

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How it started

My love for styling started when I was a little girl. I always wanted to help set the table and at Christmas dinner the napkins had to be on the plate in a certain way. Later in life, during weekends away or on vacation, I was always made fun of when I brought a box of candles or decorations with me. For me, a table is about so much more than just food.Gathering at the table is about spending time together, feeling comfortable in the place where you are and setting the right atmosphere to turn sitting at the table into an experience .

My passion

Therefore, I have not been idle in recent years and have continued to develop my love for styling. After almost 5 years of working on luxury yachts—where every day a table, theme party or event was styled with great care— it was time to change course and start my own business. Because my passion goes far beyond just creating an atmosphere for a small group of people. My goal is to let everyone experience what it's like to experience. By starting Elephant Shoe, I now do every day what I am proud of and what makes me happy.

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Creating experiences

Elephant Shoe is here for anyone who would like to create an experience in any way. We can help you take your party, wedding or event to the next level. Elephant Shoe is there for everyone and it can be as small or as big as you want.

Together, we can look at infinite possibilities and everything can be custom made. As long as there is passion, I'm in!

Wondering how I can help you make the most of your day?

Do you have a big day coming up and are you curious what I can do for you?
Please contact me for an introductory meeting, in which we can discuss all your wishes and ideas.

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